Muichiro is a super talented sword fighter who became a Top-ranking Hashira after only Two months of picking up a sword.

Muichiro wears Baggy clothes to confuse his opponents, so they can't see his Body movements, making it harder for them to predict his next move.

Muichiro is the only Hashira in the story who managed to defeat an Upper Rank Twelve Kizuki all on his own.

Even the strongest swordsman of the current era, Kokushibo, who's been around for a gazillion years, was impressed by Muichiro's sword skills.

Muichiro can keep up and overpower a six-armed swordsman doll modeled after the strongest swordsman in history.

Muichiro is a sword-slicing machine. He can slice through 10,000 fast-moving targets and deflect 1,000 sharp poisonous needles like it's no big deal.

Muichiro can break the armour of a super-strong swordsman doll and slice through the neck of an upper-rank demon with ease, which is tougher than Diamond.

Muichiro is his Generation's most skilled mist-breathing user. He has become so proficient with mist breathing that he invented his own technique